Teeth Whitening Gel

What you need to know about Teeth Whitening Gel

The opalescence teeth whitening procedure is currently very popular with Americans, male and female, whose teeth are discolored enough to require whitening. There are lots of people who have the problem of discolored teeth, a condition that is generally attributable to the kinds of food and drink people enjoy … and to smoking.

There is no doubt that some foods and drinks contribute to a gradual darkening of the teeth (or discoloration). That is also certainly true for people who smoke regularly. And, while there wasn’t too much that could be done about discolored teeth years ago (there were some very expensive dental procedures), that is not the case today. Now, and for many years leading up to the present, there have been dental procedures that could be performed in a dentist’s office … and inexpensive home remedies that could be self-applied.

The gels, pastes and strips being sold in pharmacies and supermarkets all work to varying degrees, some better than others, of course. One of the more popular and better-working treatments is opalescence teeth whitening gel. While dentists perform this procedure in their offices (it usually takes one to two hours and involves up to five applications), the gel can be bought at retail and self-administered.

It’s really not difficult to do and the results can be sensational. Folks who buy opalescence teeth whitening gel find that it is moderately-priced, includes easy-to-follow instructions … and it works. Here’s what needs to be done …

If you plan to self-administer the opalescence teeth whitening gel, start by thoroughly cleaning your teeth. Then, protect your teeth and gums before you actually apply the gel. Now, apply the gel. The kit you’ve purchased with the gel also includes a syringe to make application more precise and easier.

The gel should be applied to the front of your teeth. It is “sticky” so it will remain there. Once applied, leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Then, remove the gel by carefully and completely rinsing your mouth with water (as you would in a dentist’s office). Make sure you “wash” your teeth thoroughly so that you remove all of the sticky gel. Now, look in the mirror and smile. If you see a difference, that’s great. But, you’re not finished.

Depending on just how discolored your teeth are, you may have to repeat the gel application process up to five times, each time following the exact procedure mentioned in the first application. Your kit will shows photographs depicting different degrees of discoloration to let you know how many applications you’ll need to whiten your teeth. Simply follow the instructions.

This remarkable treatment can cost up to $500 or more in a dentist’s office, but should not cost you much more than a handful of dollars when you buy the opalescence teeth whitening gel kit at your local pharmacy or supermarket. And here’s the best news. If you’re careful and do as instructed, you should get the same positive results you might get from a visit to your dentist. The difference, of course, is that it will be much less costly.

Plan to purchase your opalescence teeth whitening gel kit today.