Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are tooth colored braces that are used to straighten teeth. They are preferred by many people, especially adults who often want to avoid metal braces. Ceramic braces are much less noticeable than metal braces. In fact, most people do not notice them unless they are up close to a person. Small ceramic pieces are glued to each tooth, and a wire is placed across the top and bottom teeth. These braces are made of a very strong and durable composite material, and they do not stain unless a person eats or drinks many foods that typically stain teeth.

Ceramic BracesMost orthodontists offer ceramic braces as well as metal braces. Although a dentist will recommend a certain type of braces for a patient based on the corrective work that is to be done, most patients leave the decision of whether to get ceramic or metal braces up to the patient. Besides being far less noticeable than metal braces, ceramic brands are often more comfortable than metal ones for many patients. They tend to not irritate the gums as much as their metal counterparts. Some people believe that ceramic braces break, but this is not true if they are bound with a plasma light.

Ceramic braces use clear or white ligatures, which are tiny elastic bands that hold the arch wire to the brackets. They may stain and then become more noticeable than they are intended to be. The great feature of the ligatures is that they are changed at monthly orthodontic visits, so even if they stain, they will be changed before long. These braces often cost a little more than metal braces, but for adults who are conscious of their looks, they are a good investment. It is important that patients realize that ceramic styles cannot be used on every patient. If the corrective work is extensive, metal braces may be required. Metal braces can be forcefully moved more easily if necessary.

CeramicBraces.net is a website where you can discover more information about these unique braces. The duration of treatment with them is sometimes a few months longer than with metal, but this is not usually a problem for adults who prefer the less noticeable ceramics. Ceramics are able to straighten crooked or improperly aligned teeth in the same way as metal braces in most cases. They can also be used to straighten the jaw to help the patient chew food better after they are removed.

Those who wear ceramic braces need to take care of them to avoid stains on the ligatures. Most orthodontists recommend that patients limit or avoid foods that stain. Some of these are curry, cola, tea, coffee, red wine, fruit drinks, and tomato sauce. Patients can choose the color of their ligatures, and most patients use clear ones. These stain more than others, and sometimes choosing a darker color is better since they do not show food or drink stains like clear bands do. There are also pastel colored or black or gray ligatures, and stains seldom show up on darker colors.

It is very important for those who wear ceramic braces to brush their teeth after eating. Brushing immediately after eating can keep the ligatures clear longer. Non-whitening toothpaste should be used so that the teeth underneath the braces will not be a different color after the braces are taken off. Some orthodontists recommend that patients drink lemon water after eating or drinking foods that may stain their braces or the ligatures. Electric toothbrushes are also helpful in keeping them clear and stain free.

The benefits of ceramic braces are definitely worth the extra care that must be taken to keep them clean. The excellent dental hygiene that is used while the braces are on can be continued for a lifetime to keep the teeth clean, healthy, and stain free.